It’s Autumn! And we released a new set of features! Our platform is growing and we keep on building on the features that we have. There’s no harm in striving for perfection, right? Since we’re bringing together school Admin, Teachers, and Parents, we try our best to keep everyone happy.

Springring Features

The Class Registry

Springring Class Registry

Since summer, we have added new enhancements and features for our Springring community. This Autumn the features were mostly for Teachers and Parents. The new Class Registry was introduced. Teachers can now view all the Students, Teachers, and Contributors within the Class board. All the information they could need in one place. See how to access the Class Registry over here.

The Authorization Post

Springring Authorization Post

Most importantly, the Authorization Post joined the list. Every school probably has a place where all the permission slips are stored. It could be a red box kept at the reception desk or tucked in a teacher's desk drawer. Getting permission from Parents became easier. The Authorization Post replaced permission slips, phone calls, and unsigned notes.

Our aim is to enhance the Springring user experience for all members of the school community. That includes administrators, teachers, parents and students. Teachers are the "power users" at any school's Springring community. This is why we focused on enhancing the ways teachers can communicate faster and easier with the rest of the school community, especially parents.

We believe that better communication leads to better education. Visit our website for a full list of our features. Stay tuned for even bigger and better features to come this season.