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Summer Ends, School Starts!

Summer was fun🌻, but it's a new year 🗓 and students are back in school 🏫. And just like the resourceful school administrators, and the talented teachers, Springring is back stronger and better than ever! Check out the highlights of our summer, and what's coming your way this fall 🤩

Back to School 🏫

springring back to school

It's time to hit the books 📚 because schools are back in session 🏫 Now that all teachers and students are back to their traditional classrooms, it's more important than ever to maintain great communication with students and parents.

"Back to Springring Basics" 🍎

bambino and bambina springring webinar

We helped the teachers and school leaders in our Springring community polish their and class communication skills with our Springring webinar series🤩! "Back to Springring Basics" gave teachers a refresh on how this online communication tool can boost their class communication🍎. Communicating with parents became a whole lot easier, and connecting with students will help them stay engaged and empowered👩‍🎓. 

New school joins Springring 🥳

new school joins springring

Help us give a warm welcome to the newest member of the Springring family 🤩 Abdul Rahman Kanoo School Diyar shares our vision to provide better education through better communication, and empower students to become successful in their future. We're happy to have you onboard the Springring Express to better communication! Hoot-hoot🥳!

Coming Soon❗️

Don't go anywhere! We have many more features and releases up our sleeves. Like Springring's new and improved chat, and the student web portal! We're so excited and can't wait to share these new products and features — and much more — with our Springring community. 

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