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3 Reasons Why I Became a Teacher


Zainab Memari

14 April, 2022

Springring Teachers' Blog

I can honestly say, without a single doubt, that being a teacher is both one of the most challenging and most rewarding jobs ever existed. On one hand, teachers find themselves consistently balancing the technical equation of classroom management, creative and active teaching, and marking students' papers and grades. On the other hand, teachers literally watch children develop into the people they were meant to become.

As a teacher, I constantly find myself lost in the magic of watching students grow into well-rounded human beings. They each show their own passions and interests, distinct personalities, behaviors, and individual strengths and weaknesses.

This brings about an important question; why do people choose to dedicate themselves to a career as a teacher? I can't speak for all my fellow teachers, but I can share with you what inspired me to become one.



Children are literally the most precious gift bestowed upon humanity. Whether dealing with younger age groups or teenagers, they are all ultimately children who need our support. Loving children is ultimately one of the main ways to give them the comfort and safety net they need to start growing. I can't deny that the love that is shared between a teacher and students is so fulfilling and almost cannot be described!

My most prominent task as an elementary school teacher is actually raising them and teaching them how to interact with the world and among themselves. My job is to provide the structure, discipline, support and love that can actually help them grow into responsible and kind people. I am the primary source, apart from their parents, of unconditional affection and guidance, and that's exactly why I love my job!

Springring Teachers' Blog


Sometimes, teachers make mistakes. I hate to say it, but my own teachers made a lot of mistakes. They were only human, of course, and each person learns from their experiences. 

However, the biggest mistake that some of my teachers made was that they were unkind. Or at least that's what they came across as to students. They did not accommodate the fact that some children were different, that they had different needs and behaved in a certain way for a reason. Favoritism was also common and there was no room for error. This made learning nearly intolerable.

I experienced this firsthand, and watch the same scenario unfold with a number of my friends. This honestly motivated me towards becoming everything I could not receive from my own teacher. I wanted to give students a safety net, a place where they could be themselves without fear or anxiety. That's why I became a teacher. To inspire, love and support students through their learning journey, with an extra dose of kindness.

Springring Teachers' Blog


Another main reason why I chose to teach was because I honestly just knew how to do it. At school, at home, at university, wherever it may be, I was never short of people who would ask me to teach them something. This led to plenty of people telling me to consider teaching as a career and embrace it. You could say I found my calling very early in life, although I was never really sure until I graduated from high school.

Prior to that, I had thought of being a cardiologist or an architect. Even more ambitiously, I wanted to become an astronaut. It had always been a dream to make it out into space and watch the stars. But I could still happily live with showing my students videos of space before starting lessons — it's the next best thing.

Springring Teachers' Blog

But yes, I suppose I have always been a teacher, from a very young age. It became clearest during university that this was what I would end up pursuing. It has been an unforgettable journey up until now, with many more adventures still to come.


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Zainab Memari

Hi there, I'm Zainab. I'm an English teacher to elementary school students in a private school in Bahrain. I love starting my classes with a fun little ice breaker to get my students excited to learn. Not only do I love teaching, but I want my students to enjoy learning.