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3 Ways to Bring Springring into Your Classroom

hadeel from springring

Hadeel Al Haddad

23 January, 2023


If your'e still not using Springring even when you're teaching inside your classroom, then what are you doing? It's free for teachers all over the world, so what's stopping you from boosting your class communication?

Now that I've got your attention...getting with the times and going digital even in the classroom has become very popular among teachers worldwide. Students are ready to take advantage of any opportunity to use their phones or devices during class. So instead of banning the use of digital devices, teachers are embracing the digital era and turning students' screen time habits to good ones.

The ways you can improve your class communication, parent communication and, most importantly, student engagement are endless with Springring. But here are a few ways to get you started!



You can use Springring to share your class worksheets, lessons or handouts via PDF attachment or even as an image or video. The options of what you can share with your students within your Springring classroom are endless.

What to share? How to share? Where to share? Over here!



Teachers can design activities that are both informative and fun by utilizing resources like digital educational games and apps. The most popular one amongst our Springring teachers, just like all of you, is Kahoot! You can connect many educational apps and websites within minutes. That's just one example of how effective your class communication can be with Springring. Teachers are the superheroes of Springring, so the ultimate goal is to make class communication much, much easier for you.

Including fun learning opportunities like Kahoot! to educate your students will not only keep them engaged in class, but it can help them digest more difficult subject terms and subject matter in a much easier way. The best part? They'll enjoy it! Students tend to find studying more pleasurable using this kind of technology, and it can also aid in the development of crucial abilities like critical thinking and problem-solving.

How do you use Kahoot! on Springring? I'm glad you asked. Here's the secret!



The right feedback encourages increasing levels of improvement, especially when it comes to students. So how do you make sure each student receives the right feedback for the most optimum growth and learning? Tailor your feebdack to each student's performance. Time consuming, right? Trust me, we know how busy teachers are. With Springring, it's quicker and simpler than you think!

This way, you can document your students' learning journey all in one place, while also making sure that each student gets the help and feedback they need to succeed in their studies and excel in your class. But at the same time, saving you more time to focus on lesson planning, grading papers and all your important teacherly duties.

I'm taking you through it step-by-step right here!


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