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4 Reasons Why I Decided to Become an Intern


Maryam Falah

19 June, 2022


Studying for 12 years in school and then moving to college for another 4 to maybe 6 years will not give you the whole picture of work experience. An internship is an opportunity for students to explore work life and expose themselves to the work environment. During my winter break, I took the chance, and I applied for an internship here at Springring, and during this period, I explored what it is like to be in a workplace and what is in it for students.


Studying for approximately 16 years doesn’t give us the feel of practical life. With an internship, students will be able to implement the knowledge we gain from our studies and invest it, thus giving us great job experience. With that being said, interns will gain exposure to how the organisations operate and the real-world issues that occur. For instance, an internship can fill the gap between graduation and employment.



No one can deny that when we start working on our CV after graduating, it can be pretty empty because, as students, we graduate with no experience in the workforce. However, taking the opportunity and applying for an internship will let us live the work environment; this will help us know more about ourselves, our skills, and more things that will be good to add to our CV and make it stronger.



Life is full of exciting moments that may be punctuated by some anxiety, like switching between schools, driving for the first time and graduating. When you take part in an internship, experience work life, and gain new skills, being newly employed decreases this anxiety. In turn, your confidence will be boosted and help you in future jobs during your career.



An internship gives students great networking opportunities. It is a practical way to expand your job network, build professional relationships and connections, which can be an excellent resource for you in the future. As an intern, you will be surrounded by professionals, many colleagues or team members, and you will be in meetings with different people in or out of the organisation. These networks can help you get a good job, can guide you and offer expert advice, and help you constantly grow in your career path.


As an intern, I’ve learned a lot so far, and it gave me a head start in my career. I highly recommend that students take the opportunity to experience a real work-life environment. It will provide them with training, tools, knowledge and skills that they will need in the future.


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Maryam Falah

Hello! I'm a hardworking Business Management student at Bahrain Polytechnic, and a determined part-timer at Springring. Fueled by my curiosity and passion to learn new things, I aspire towards becoming an inspiring individual, while balancing my busy days with long car drives filled with joyful, good music, and the wonderful company of my friends.