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4 Ways Teachers Can Support Students


Mai Bucheeri

3 October, 2021

Springring Students' Blog

We spend at least 8 hours at school five days a week, so it's like our second home. When we have difficulty at school, we turn to one of two people, our parents or our teachers. Some teachers are willing to go out of their way to understand their students, making them ready to prolong an assignment.

However, not all teachers understand our personal lives as they are of our academic lives, and some teachers are unaware of the difficulties we face as students. I know that we are still young, yet some of us may have gone through traumatic experiences that led us to change 180 degrees (Did you see how I implemented math here🤭? I bet my math teacher will be proud 🤗).

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I am a firm believer in the adage, "Great teachers don't teach." An excellent teacher can support her students by providing them with unique experiences. In school, I am fortunate to have teachers who are passionate about their subjects, because the examples of activities they give don't leave me forgetting about them the next day.

When I was in seventh grade, my science teacher requested that I bring in some Oreos for class. Then she made us utilize Oreos to represent the moon's phases. I remember every detail and the topics that I learnt in class because she gave me experiences that created long term memories.

Springring Students' Blog


Teachers can always support the student by knowing the topic's content and knowing how to explain it. Before the covid pandemic, teachers usually taught us information by doing activities in class and assigning us little projects like making a poster about a specific topic. Conversely, some teachers found it difficult to adjust to the circumstances of online teaching following the covid pandemic.

Nonetheless, some of the teachers were able to handle it brilliantly, explaining the contents of the courses and even providing various educational tools so that we, as students, could fulfil the objectives set for us during our lesson.



Teachers can provide support by organizing a schedule that includes all our assignments and tests. As IBDP students, we have a lot of assignments and tests to do. However, balancing my homework with the IBDP obligations like internal assessments, extended essays, and even CAS is difficult. Teachers setting a schedule that defines which subjects can post assignments on a school day will be an excellent answer to my problem.

For example, on Mondays, only my chemistry and physics teachers are allowed to offer homework. Conversely, teachers will be at a disadvantage because they will not provide us with tasks relevant to our studies. Nevertheless, using this schedule will aid in improving the quality of the student's work. It will also provide students with the option to finish their IBDP requirements.

Springring Students' Blog


We, students, are still very young. We still haven't faced the natural world's problems because we have always been in a protective environment. Despite this, some students have had traumatic experiences that have damaged them or altered them for the better or worse. These experiences may impact a student's academic life as well as their physical and mental health.

Teachers participating and putting out effort to check in weekly can assist the students in venting all of the difficulties and help release all of their bottled-up emotions. It will also assist the teacher in comprehending the student's situation.

Springring Students' Blog

Teachers' contributions in understanding and supporting students will assist students in being balanced learners in both academics and personal lives. The teacher's assistance will let students develop and evolve into better versions of themselves.

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