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5 Key School Communication Strategies

hadeel from springring

Hadeel AlHaddad

23 January, 2022

Springring Edtech Blog

School communication and classroom management are connected and intertwined. In order for one to be successful, the other needs to follow suit. Establishing a strong communication strategy within your school community is the first step. Communicating it effectively with your administrators, school leaders, and teachers is even more important. 

Once everyone is on the same page, working towards the same goal, successful school communication will be within your reach. So what’s under the school communication umbrella? Keep reading to check out some of the ways schools and teachers can improve school communication — both inside and outside the classroom.


School communication is emphasized and strongly exercised within the classroom walls. That is where the crucial part of school communication unravels, grows and flourishes. I cannot stress how impactful teacher-student communication is. It helps students feel more connected to their school community, involved in their studies, and empowered towards their overall success.



Parent engagement can go a long way when it comes to improving your overall school communication. The more you encourage and support parent teacher communication, the stronger partnerships you build. The more you bridge the gap between school and home, the more involved parents will be in their child’s academic and social development in their school environment. And, in the end, isn’t that the goal both parents and educators work towards? Helping students succeed in their learning journey.

Springring Edtech Blog


Modern communication channels keep increasing and evolving. Understand which communication channels can help you and your teachers get your messages, updates or any information across in the most effective way possible. The right channel is the key. So what is the right channel? Good question! It all depends on the message, the time-sensitivity level, the sender and receiver of the message. 

For instance, you don’t want to be sending a time-critical update to parents via email, because chances are it will go unopened and unread for days, if not weeks. You need an instant and easier way to communicate with parents. I strongly recommend a school communication tool that your whole school can implement.

Springring Edtech Blog


Avoid complex messages. You’re communicating with parents, students and even colleagues, not professors and esteemed members in academia. Clear communication can be as simple as a, b, c! It also makes a difference how easy parents and students can get to your school updates. A school communication platform that brings your school, parents, and students together is a great way to connect with families instantly.



Consistently communicating throughout the school year is easier said than done. It can be tempting to let yourself be preoccupied with teaching or coordinating with school leaders. So preoccupied and busy that parent teacher communication becomes less frequent. Don’t let it reach that point that leads the communication lines to break. Prioritize school and class communication and stay consistent.

As educators, you understand the necessity and benefits of strengthening the communication between school and home. It’s important to put school communication, class management and parent-teacher communication in your plans for the school’s success. Identify the right school communication strategy that works for your community, stick with it, see it through and let better communication lead you to better education.

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