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6 Things I Do in My 30-Minute Study Break


Mai Bucheeri

17 October, 2021

Springring Students' Blog

Let me emphasize how demanding school is, especially in grade 12 when you are enrolled in the IBDP program. Having time for myself is really tough, especially when I have internal assessments, an extended essay and school assignments and assessments. Don't even get me started on how much work I have to complete this week. However, I try to have a short study break after completing all assignments for a particular subject or completing a massive task. My regular break lasts 30 minutes, and what I do during that time is always determined by my mood.

Springring Students' Blog


Nowadays, the quantity of work I have to do demands that I remain awake later than usual. So, naturally, I take a 30-minute power nap during my study break. This snooze does assist in renewing my thoughts after an eight-hour day at school. It provides me with more energy to work and finish all that is expected of me.

Springring Students' Blog


I am the sort of person who cannot function in a quiet atmosphere; I need to hear anything, even if it is only the sound of the air conditioner. Occasionally, during my study break, I make playlists depending on the latest albums that are released. Depending on my mood and what I am working on, I create different playlists. If I am writing an essay, I will listen to instrumental music. Still, if I am working on a simple subject like social studies, I will listen to pop music.



I need to have something to drink near me whenever I’m studying, whether it is coffee or tea. These two beverages unquestionably boost my productivity. I like to make my own beverages during the 30-minute break. Not to toot my own horn, but I can prepare the most incredible peach or lemon iced tea, which is very refreshing. It contributes to my study-nook atmosphere, since listening to music while sipping my favourite drink and studying creates a whole ambience, just like the movies.

Springring Students' Blog


It is really tough for me to find time during the day to just binge-watch my favourite series. This is why I use my 30-minute break to watch a 20-minute tv show. Modern Family, Friends, Kim's Convenience, The Office and even Brooklyn 99 are among the many shows that make me laugh on Netflix. These shows help me relax and give my brain a break after working hard for a long time.



Sitting at my computer for an incredibly long time produces two things: fatigue and muscular aches. Something I usually do 20 minutes into the study break is a 10-minute workout. I squeeze in a quick workout to increase my energy and keep me motivated for the next few hours of work.

Springring Students' Blog


When you are in high school, the easiest way to relieve stress is to call a friend who goes through the same thing you’re going through. During my study breaks, I usually contact my friend and vent about how many assignments and assessments we do. However, sometimes we simply want to talk and laugh to our heart's content before returning to work.

As a high school senior, I strongly recommend that every student takes a study break after finishing work on a specific subject or completing an enormous task. Remember that to be productive and tick off everything on your to-do list, you must always reward yourself for your efforts. The study break is ideal for this.

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Mai Bucheeri

A student at Naseem International School. Independent and determined. I am curious and love to explore and discover new things. My curiosity, helped me gain new knowledge, and is the main factor in building my personality. As an extrovert, I love communicating & meeting new people.