8 Study Tips and Tricks That Never Failed Me


Mai Bucheeri

7 November, 2021

Pleased asian woman writing down notes while sitting in cafe

For many of us, education is exhausting, especially during quarantine. Here, where everything has become highly chaotic, it is difficult to focus and even do all of the schoolwork, especially when sitting at home all day. Online teaching was difficult at first, but everyone eventually got the hang of it. When things began to improve, teachers began to assign homework and assessments. During this period, I discovered study tips and methods that helped me stay motivated and focused while studying.


Everyone needs a goal to inspire them to accomplish and achieve in their desired endeavours. Motivation is essential throughout the study process; thus, before beginning to study, remind yourself why you are doing this and what result you anticipate after all your hard work.

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A to-do list summarizes all you have in mind and everything you need to get done for the day. Todoist, like I said in my first blog, is a beautiful tool for organizing your ideas. It allows me to keep track of everything I need to accomplish, make notes on individual tasks and add due dates. Keeping everything structured will keep your thoughts organized, and you will not be overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do.


It is already tough to study in one spot for all of my online classes during the covid pandemic. As a result, when it comes to completing assignments, I switch my place and create a perfect study atmosphere. Before I begin working, I like to arrange everything around me. Some of the important stuff I need in my headphones is to listen to my Spotify playlists, and I need a beverage to sip on when working. The setting inspires and motivates me.

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I strongly encourage you to take breaks between tasks. Taking breaks refreshes your thoughts and provides you with the energy to continue working. You can make yourself a mean cup of your favorite coffee or take a power nap. But you can also read my previous blog for more tips on what you can do during the 30-minute break. There's a lot more you can do in 30 minutes than you think!


Getting rid of distractions is a critical step in being productive and focused on your tasks. When studying, the phone is the most distracting gadget. Every notification on your phone diverts your attention away from focusing on and completing your to-do list. Keeping your phone away from you for a few hours might lead to higher performance. It worked wonders for me.

Pleased asian woman writing down notes while sitting in cafe


I strongly encourage you to take handwritten notes for your exams. You will not be recalling what you are learning if you type it. You will simply copy and paste the information from the resource you are utilizing. On the other hand, making your notes handwritten will allow you to recollect and comprehend your thoughts as you write. You are killing two birds with one stone by preparing and taking notes for your upcoming tests.

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Exams are the most challenging aspect of a student’s life. However, do not cram for your finals. Plan intelligently and take notes before the test. You may only practice by answering questions and comprehending the ideas later. Filling for examinations might generate tension and make you feel doubtful of your answers while taking the test.


Identify a method for yourself when studying for an exam. First, experiment with several studying strategies until you find the one that works best for you. What works for others might not work for you and vice versa. It’s up to you to tailor a method that plays to your strengths.

I take notes on my topics, and then I use the recall method. It basically entails preparing a long list of questions that I anticipate the teacher would ask during the test. Then I read them and try to respond to them without referring to any of my notes. If I cannot reply to a specific question, I will refer to the proper response and grasp its concept.

These ideas and methods are pretty helpful and help to create an excellent academic life. You must understand that you should always study smarter, not harder. It’s been the secret ingredient to my successful study sessions that I now pass on to you.


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