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ARKIS Bridges School-Home Communication With Springring

hadeel from springring

Hadeel AlHaddad

31 May, 2021

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Communication is both an art and a science. It often involves speaking, listening, reading and writing, online or through traditional communication platforms and media. Abdulrahman Kanoo International School (ARKIS) ensures that the school constantly provides a strong and agreeable foundation through accurate academic programs, along with in-depth exposure to cultural and multi-cultural practices.

ARKIS aims to create an environment that fosters learning. It provides students with equal opportunities to explore and grow by challenging and reinforcing their abilities. As the newest addition to the Springring family, ARKIS has implemented the platform so well that it is now part of their communication culture. In this blog, you can gain insight into how Springring has become an integral part of the school’s communication.


Connecting with students through parentsTeachers at ARKIS communicate with parents through the communication platform, but they also communicate with their students. Granted, to avoid disorganization or miscommunication, they have chosen to not have direct connection with students through Springring. However, they have effectively found a different way to communicate with students - through their parents! Students are still kept informed and up to date on what is happening within their online and hybrid learning environments.

“This application is an excellent way to communicate with parents and students.” - Francisca Espina Serrano, Teacher at ARKIS

Teachers like Francisca have shared their experiences with Springring and loved the ease and simplicity the platform brings to school communication. Communicating with parents has never been easier and more proactive. Teachers feel like they are being heard. At ARKIS, teachers have embraced this easy parent-teacher communication. It’s so easy that they found it best to also communicate with students through their parents. With Springring, teachers and parents are finally able to say and show that they are on the same team. They both share the goal of ensuring that these students receive better education, through better communication.



One of the most popular benefits of Springring is the chat feature. Teachers can save a lot of time by sharing class updates to all the parents of students within their class, all in one go. They can also share the academic progress or performance of a specific student through Springring chat. One thing to keep in mind is that only the class teacher and the parents in the chatroom can view or have access to the messages communicated within the chat. This is to promote a sense of privacy and confidentiality between the class teacher and the parent.

However, Springring chat is extremely beneficial for teachers all around the world. This is because it allows teachers to take back control of how they spend their time - both during work hours and during their free time. Teachers are able to set their own office hours which is visible to all parents and school staff. Parents will only be able to communicate with teachers during these office hours. Teachers can enjoy their free time, knowing that they will achieve a more balanced work life and personal life.

In addition, any parents that start a conversation outside of a teacher’s office hours, will receive an automated message stating that the teacher is unavailable. This is something teachers found helpful. They can rest assured that parents will not be ignored, without any disruptions to their free time. It also helps teachers find a healthy work-life balance, making them more productive during their working hours.


Another element about this feature that is popular among teachers is that parent-teacher communication is limited to the Springring app and platform only. Teachers who would not like to share their personal or contact information with all parents have found this very useful and freeing.

“The features are easy to use. The time off / privacy setting is great. It leaves teachers some privacy time.” - Francisca Espina Serrano, Teacher at ARKIS

ARKIS teachers have especially been enthusiastic about this feature as they found it also avoids repetition. Both parents of any given student are included in the chatroom. This allows both parents of each student to be informed at the same time, and cuts the teacher’s communication time in half and improves the effectiveness of their school communication.


When communication flows within a school, especially a big school with hundreds of staff members and thousands of students and parents within the school community, it can be hard to recall certain messages or information that has been communicated throughout the school year. Springring is helping ARKIS minimize that risk substantially. With this platform, all staff - including admins, teachers, and teacher’s assistants - will see in real time what has been sent and what is being sent to parents at all times. They can instantly stay in the loop and stay updated to what is being shared with parents.

“An excellent program where all ARKIS affiliates are aware of what is sent to parents..” - Ramla Hasan Ali Yusuf Alshajar, Head of P.E. Department at ARKIS

Promoting transparency throughout the platform ensures that teachers and admins are on the same page and on the same team. It also reassures admins that they can still oversee all school and class communications and that they are not being cut out of the communication equation.


The flexibility Springring provides teachers and admins is huge. When it comes to what type of content they can share with the community, it’s limitless. School staff can share information whether it’s in the form of text, image, video, link, or even an attachment. ARKIS admin and teachers share most of their information and updates through attached files. Springring allows them that freedom.

“I liked this app as it helps me to keep parents informed by sending announcements and messages. It’s easy to attach a file.” - Rihana Nishat Qamar, Home Room Teacher at ARKIS

Whether it’s a PDF, an Excel sheet or Word document, you can easily attach it to any post you would like to share with parents, students or even other teachers. At the end of the day, Springring has one goal. That goal is making school and class communication faster and easier.



We have no control over our current global, economical and social climate. However, we do have control over how we respond to it. Unforeseen circumstances on a global scale have forced us to adapt our educational environments very quickly and with no notice. However, we aren’t out of the woods yet. So schools around the world continue to stay cautious and stay on top of the latest information in order to adapt and continue safely educating their students.

ARKIS continues to do so through Springring communication. Admin at ARKIS have taken the initiative to keep everyone informed of their safety procedures, Covid-19 national updates and news, and how that news would affect the school community. ARKIS admin uses Springring posts, pinned posts and alert posts. This is to update all parents, teachers and students instantly and at the same time. Staying safe and staying connected with parents and students is very important during these uncertain times.

Effective communication through Springring is made seamless so that all admin, teachers and parents have a personalized user experience. But it continues to connect them on one unified platform. It will be a place where they are all able to instantly view and receive updates - no matter where they are or what time of day it is.

We empower educators to share their experiences. Share your teacher success stories, experiences with Springring, or a proud teacher moment! Reach out to us on marketing@myspringring.com. You can also refer an inspirational teacher at your school!

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