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Courses, Certificates, Webinars to Attend That Will Help You Stand Out


Maryam Falah

3 October, 2022


When you are ready for job experience after graduation, you will realise that your studies and the knowledge you received in school and college are not enough to make you face the world out there. You will find that there will always be more to learn, to know, and work on.

There is always room for improvement and knowledge, as learning doesn't stop at the end of university. Many institutions, centres and universities grant certificates and courses to enhance the performance of students and employees. In this blog, we will discuss how taking courses, obtaining certificates and attending webinars helps you stand out.



One of the most important things that a student must have before joining the workplace is strong soft skills. Soft skills are an important factor that determines the success of an individual and the company as well. According to LinkedIn 2019 Global Talent Trends, 89% of employees leave their companies because of their lack of soft skills. Therefore, students need to start developing soft skills, such as leadership, time management and problem-solving, by entering courses that develop and enhance these skills. Coursera, an open online course provider, offers many free courses on different aspects, including soft skills. 



As I mentioned, what we learn in school and university is not enough as there is always room for improvement and learning. Along with their degree, students can gain more knowledge through certificate programs. Knowledge has no limits, for that students can benefit from certificate programs. Besides that certificates make our resumes full of our achievements and increase our skills and knowledge, they also enhance the credibility of the employees. Udemy can be a good start for students to look into courses and certificates that will enhance their careers. 



The webinar concept may be familiar to most of us now thanks to the hit of COVID-19, it is basically a web-based seminar with a number of web audiences. Just as courses and certificates are useful, webinars are no less useful than them. They help the presenter to reach an unlimited number of audience as it is an online session, they also save both money and time on participants, and finally they can increase the engagement of the audience. Many platforms provide webinars on various topics, in Springring we also provide webinars that care about the engagement and communication in the school community. Don’t miss it out.


Learning is an exciting journey, there are many things to learn and to accomplish in life. Focus on learning and strive to develop yourself, but don't forget to take care of your skills and abilities.


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Maryam Falah

Hello! I'm a hardworking Business Management student at Bahrain Polytechnic, and a determined part-timer at Springring. Fueled by my curiosity and passion to learn new things, I aspire towards becoming an inspiring individual, while balancing my busy days with long car drives filled with joyful, good music, and the wonderful company of my friends.