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EtonHouse International School Encourage Better Communication School-wide

sabreen from springring

Sabreen Bucheeri

22 May, 2022

Springring Clients Success Stories

EtonHouse is a trusted international school that aims to embrace, honor and respect the unique identity of each student in their school community. Their educators nurture and highlight the best in their students. EtonHouse provides an education pathway from Preschool to High School in more than 12 countries, including Bahrain.

In this blog, we break down some ways that EtonHouse has incorporated Springring as a part of their school community and culture. 


“The most useful feature from Springring is how I can view all classes, even if I'm not the class teacher.” - Ms Laurie, Teacher at EtonHouse International Schools.


School administrators and school leaders are the backbone of the school community. Great school leaders encourage great and better communication school-wide and unites their whole school community. EtonHouse has definitely demonstrated that initiative when they introduced and embraced Springring as an essential part of their school communication. Springring is helping school administrators like Drayzelle Panopio stay organized, stay informed and stay connected.

“Springring is very useful because I can post to multiple classes at once, and I also find their unified calendar very useful.” - Drayzelle Panopio, School Admin at EtonHouse International Schools.


Springring Clients Success Stories


At Springring, we strive for continuous growth and always look towards improving the Springring Teacher experience. Whether it's making it easier to create events specifically for the students in your classroom, or documenting a student's milestone achievement in the most efficient and time-saving way. Teachers are at the heart of Springring. Teachers are superheroes. Springring is their portable digital sidekick!

“I like that it is locally based and some of the new features I haven't seen before such as posting an event on the calendar.” - Ms Kristy, Teacher at EtonHouse International Schools.

Springring Clients Success Stories


How important is communication with parents? Very. Parent-teacher communication is easier when you have a communication tool that teachers can rely on to save time, improve class communication and encourages school-wide communication. But what's better? A communication tool that brings your whole community together. It's not only about the school leaders. It's not only for the class teachers. At EtonHouse, that connection with students and parents is encouraged and communication is made seamless through Springring; the one communication tool for the whole school.

“I really like the connection with parents and students and the whole school.” - Ms Fatima, Teacher at EtonHouse International Schools.


Springring Clients Success Stories


The school aims to help students take ownership of their own learning journey. They believe that when students are happy and engaged, their learning becomes more natural, spontaneous and, with Springring, it has become seamless.



Educators are our top priority! No matter where you are in your Springring journey, our Springring owls are ready to help! We find joy in being useful and look for ways to help school leaders get organized and class teachers save time.

“Springring's customer service is what I liked the most. They are very helpful and supportive of teachers.” - Drayzelle Panopio, School Admin at EtonHouse International Schools.



We empower educators to share their experiences. Share your teacher success stories, experiences with Springring, or a proud teacher moment! Reach out to us on marketing@myspringring.com. You can also refer an inspirational teacher at your school!

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