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Fun and Educational Teacher Blogs To Follow

hadeel from springring

Hadeel AlHaddad

24 November, 2020

Springring Edtech Blog

An educator’s contribution stretches far beyond the classroom. There is a huge community of teachers supporting teachers online. Sharing memorable class moments, teacher tips and tools of the trade, and connecting with others around the world who share the same passion - educating the next generation!

Here are some of the entertaining, educational and inspiring teacher blogs that we can’t get enough of.



Highly acclaimed Gwyneth A. Jones is the voice behind The Daring Librarian. She is also an international keynote edtech speaker from Maryland, USA that has a knack for blending teaching with technology. So, if you’re looking for lighthearted yet creative articles to read, or fun ways to integrate technology into your classroom, she’s your teach!


If you’re looking for inspiration and resources for your lesson plans, knock on the door of The Teacher Next Door. This blog is bursting with helpful teaching strategies, lesson plans and valuable insights to making a difference in your students’ lives.


Land here if you’re ready for funny and relatable memes and articles to get you through the day! As a fellow teacher herself, “The Pensive Sloth” pens a variety of topics like standardized tests and New Years’ resolutions. This blog proves that laughter is the best medicine!



Who better to understand a preschool teacher’s daily challenges of teaching hyperactive little kids full of energy than another preschool teacher! If you need to find creative themes, teaching tips and fun activities to implement into your preschool classroom, look no further than the Fun-A-Day blog.


Last but certainly not least, a community blog created by teachers for teachers! We Are Teachers is run by a group of teachers in Austin, Texas. They share insightful ideas, helpful tips and various giveaways with their online teaching community. From humorous stories to classroom ideas, from relatable experiences to helpful advice - you name it, they share it! 

Whether you’re looking for some fun and interesting teacher tricks to implement into your classroom, shared lesson plans, funny and relatable school moments, or looking for teachers’ support, these teacher blogs will not disappoint!

Like what you see? We're always looking for creative contributors to share their voice, and their experience in the edtech industry. If you'd like to be a guest blogger, reach out to us on marketing@myspringring.com with a few samples of your work. Refer a friend who is an expert in their field within the edtech community and help us let their voice shine.

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hadeel from springring


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