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Gap Year (Is it right for you, and how to make the most of it)


Maryam Falah

15 November, 2022


After graduating high school, I considered taking a gap year. A year where I can rest and sleep after 12 exhausting years. As fun as this year sounds to me, I had no idea how many things I was supposed to consider before making this step. It needs planning, setting goals and taking some life-changing decisions. So I weighed my options thoroughly and In this blog, I will discuss the 5 major pros and cons of taking a gap year.

The Bright Side:


With getting older, life becomes more difficult as people’s responsibilities increase. Therefore,  having a gap year after graduation from high school while being healthy and young would be a perfect time and it can lead to having a once-in-a-lifetime experience. At this time you can plan on doing many new things, you can start with learning a new language, travel to a new place to meet new people, work and make some money, or even pursue any other passions you have.



Being at university is a whole different experience that students have to be ready for. After overwhelming years in school, this gap will help you prevent academic burnout and will help you refresh and recharge again. Having a break from education for a while will help you focus more on other things that will help you in life, like gaining new skills or expanding your networks by meeting new people.



In the old days, a gap year wasn’t a preferable option as some people this year waste their time by being unproductive and doing nothing. But these days people have become more aware of the importance of time and they started spending their time effectively to spare every minute they have. And therefore, a gap year has become an advantage for the students as it fills their resumes with new work experiences, skills and abilities they develop during this year.

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On the other hand, being young and making this kind of decision is not easy because a gap year can have some cons:


Losing your interest in returning to the university after the gap year is a major disadvantage and it is what makes most students worry about taking this opportunity. You might find yourself achieving and accomplishing many things or you might like the idea of not worrying about studying, doing homework, and preparing for exams. To overcome this con, you have to know and understand your personality and also you have to stick with your gap year plan.



Travelling, experiencing new things, and enjoying your life in a gap year can be financially stressful. Students have to start saving from an early age as a gap year can be costly for those who have no income. Besides saving, students have to make a clear and proper plan far in advance to have a whole view of what they are expecting in this year.


These were the advantages and disadvantages that I took before deciding on whether I should take a gap year or not. A gap year is not for everyone as it can be a life changing decision, don’t rush it and think it through.


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Maryam Falah

Hello! I'm a hardworking Business Management student at Bahrain Polytechnic, and a determined part-timer at Springring. Fueled by my curiosity and passion to learn new things, I aspire towards becoming an inspiring individual, while balancing my busy days with long car drives filled with joyful, good music, and the wonderful company of my friends.