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How Little Gems Preschool Embraced Springring

hadeel from springring

Hadeel AlHaddad

9 May, 2021

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One of the key components to successful education is effective communication. Regardless of whether you’re a big school of over 2,500 students, or a small preschool of less than 50 students. Little Gems Preschool is a small yet growing educational institution, following the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum - a model of early learning designed to nurture children at this early development stage.

Little Gems is a preschool that welcomes children aging from 18 months to 4 years old. Since its establishment in 1993, the school is well known for its “Learning Through Play” philosophy, which helps foster curiosity, effective communication, as well as cognitive, motor and critical thinking skills.

Springring was introduced and integrated into Little Gems Preschool and their communication in early 2019 and they haven’t looked back since. In this blog, you can take a look at how Springring has become an integral part of the school and class communication at Little Gems Preschool.


With Springring, communication can flow seamlessly between school administratorsteachersparents and even students. It connects your whole school community in this digital age and the goal is to make things easier for school staff and teachers, so that they can have more time to focus on important tasks and achieve their goals.

“We love Springring. It’s very easy to use and a great communication platform with parents.” - Admin representative at Little Gems Preschool

Following the same school structure, Springring communication starts at the top - the school administrators. Springring guided the administrators of Little Gems as they had the opportunity to easily set up and integrate the platform for their preschool. Once they were on the ground running, Little Gems was able to put into motion effective communication across their whole preschool community - including parents - through Springring’s school boards and calendar events. The Little Gems preschool community was also able to stay safe and connected, especially during the past year of the uncertainty that was brought upon by the pandemic.


Springring is not a one-time interaction when you set up your communication. We believe in helping schools like Little Gems and many others throughout their Springring journey and experience. From informative guides to useful resources and step-by-step tutorials, from personalized experiences to caring customer support to all types of users, Springring is available to help guide you through for a seamless and fruitful experience.


At Little Gems, the education and safety of all students is top priority. This is why all teachers and staff are British or US certified and each staff member is Pediatric First Aid qualified. Teachers at Little Gems are passionate and caring with their students, and continue to encourage students to learn at their own pace, while positively reinforcing the development of behaviors that support children to reach their full potential.

“I personally like using Springring. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes very easy to use.” - Marie O’Dowd, Teacher at Little Gems Preschool

Teachers are one of the top two, if not the number one, most frequent users of Springring. We call them our power users. Teachers are the key to maintaining consistent flow of communication through Springring and we like to ensure that their user experience is as seamless and helps them get things done as efficiently and effectively as they need.

Once teachers have been on-boarded, training is very crucial to ensure that they utilize the most of what Springring has to offer and reap the benefits of using Springring as a teacher. School admin can choose to set it up with their teachers internally or collaborate with Springring to facilitate teacher training through our free demos, teacher YouTube tutorials, or future webinars.


It’s essential to include parents in a student’s educational environment, especially during early childhood learning. That is why we have opened the communication lines directly between teachers and parents through Springring direct posts and chat.

“The school and classroom communication has been fabulous and all our parents seem happy.” - Sarah Clarke, Principal at Little Gems Preschool

Springring not only has the one-way teacher-to-parent communication method - which is possible through the direct posts - but also presents a chatroom where both parents of each student are present in the personal conversation. This allows Little Gems admin or teachers to control the narrative where necessary, but also allows parents the opportunity to inquire and ask questions, share their opinions or voice their concerns directly with the class teacher of their child.

“I not only use Springring as a teacher but also as a parent and I like it from both points of view.” - Marie O’Dowd, Teacher at Little Gems Preschool

Many teachers using Springring can also be parents using Springring and vice versa. It’s crucial that both experiences are so cohesive, consistent and instant, that teachers who are also parents are satisfied with a seamless user-friendly platform and helps them avoid any confusion or miscommunication.



Fostering curiosity and inspiring creativity in students is what Little Gems is all about. These early learning moments and experiences the students have on a daily basis are documented and communicated through Springring so that parents are consistently involved in their child’s educational environment, their milestones and accomplishments. Through Springring class boards, all student class activities and updates are documented and shared instantly with all parents, teachers and other school staff that have been included in the class.

At the end of the day, schools, teachers as well as parents share a common goal - educational success for all students. That stems from effective communication in the classroom, engaging communication with parents, and collaborative communication within the school’s admin staff and teachers. At Springring, we too share that common goal, and we have always believed that better communication leads to better education

We empower educators to share their experiences. Share your teacher success stories, experiences with Springring, or a proud teacher moment! Reach out to us on marketing@myspringring.com. You can also refer an inspirational teacher at your school!

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