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5 Ways To Improve School Communication Technology in Education: The COVID-19 Impact 

sabreen from springring

Sabreen Bucheeri

11 May, 2021

Springring Edtech Blog

Leading entrepreneurs and business owners were invited as speakers in a global series. The main purpose was to share views and ideas that would help shape the future of the business world. The Leading Entrepreneurs of the World series (LEW) is hosted by 1Business World - an entrepreneurial platform that provides entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals with information, tools and resources needed in the business environment.

One of the things they provide is hosting a series of business interviews, discussions, and presentations under the title:  The Leading Entrepreneurs of the World Series (LEW). Mohammed Ashoor, our CEO and Co-founder, was invited as a speaker in the 2021 series presenting the topic: “Accelerated Adoption of Technology in Education”.



Mohammed virtually presented to a group of leading entrepreneurs about COVID-19’s impact on the inclusion of technology in education and if it is here to stay.  He started off with a general overview of the journey and transformation of education before the pandemic. He also spoke on the current state of facing the challenges caused by the pandemic and adapting to the changes. In addition, he forecasted what educational trends are expected in the future as a result of the pandemic (after COVID-19).


Before the pandemic, the use of technology in education was becoming more common around the world in terms of helping teachers in the process of teaching or managing their classrooms.

Due to the pandemic, the whole world got affected regardless of the industry or the demographic location. Dealing with such major unprecedented events can either make or break an industry, or even a country! The pandemic just sped up what was bound to happen in the near future. Worldwide closure of educational organizations created the urgent need for learning and teaching through virtual means, which gave the technology industry the chance to capitalize on this gap.


COVID-19 didn’t fully transform education, as lots of people think. It only changed the way teachers deliver their classes, and of course, students attending their classes from home. This by itself created one of the biggest challenges facing the educational community as a whole affecting everyone involved; including administratorsteachersstudents and parents.

After the pandemic hit, schools and educational bodies came to the realization that they weren’t prepared to face such extraordinary situations. This made them ask for help from private organizations or governments in the form of investments to help them get back on their feet plus getting hold of the necessary tools needed for online teaching.

The aftermaths of COVID-19 and the future trends expected are basically the holding on to what worked with better evaluation of how to implement it. For example, the introduction of full online teaching was so accelerated since the pandemic, that it forced educational organizations to take this step without having the time to evaluate or weigh their options. They can hold on to the online teaching initiative while coming up with new ways of improving and strengthening it.



Educational organizations will make sure that the technology they provide will help teachers develop particular specific skills. These skills will help increase their productivity and minimize their workload. “Hybrid learning” is one way that can be implemented which includes both traditional learning and online learning.

Technology in education is here to stay. Yes, it has its pros and cons, but the pros outweigh the cons for the obvious reasons we are still witnessing till this very day because of the pandemic. A better introduction of the suitable ed-tech tools and the appropriate way to use them can pave the way for reshaping the future of education across the world. With the right balance of the suitable tools and proper use of those tools, a drastic improvement in the overall educational return all over the world.

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