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Top 5 Learning Apps to Keep Kids Engaged All Summer


Maryam Falah

23 June, 2022


Finally, summer vacation is here! It was a very long and challenging school year and the kids are ready to relax and have fun. But summer means lots of free time for the kids, which should be filled with valuable and exciting activities so that all this free time doesn’t go to waste. Kids have a lot of energy, and parents are always looking for different ways for their kids to use that energy in fun yet productive outlets.

Consistency in learning is key to making sure students start off on the right track the next school year. Let’s help your students avoid the summer learning slide this year. Here are five fun and educational apps to share with students' parents to keep students engaged all summer.


1- Khan Academy Kids

A free educational tool for kids of all ages. It offers a wide range of maths, science, art and humanities courses. One of its advantages is that it keeps track of students' work and progress. Khan Academy provides thousands of videos and explanations for different classes. Along with the videos, it uses high-quality images and other illustrations, which makes the learning journey more fun and interesting.


2- Duolingo

A quick fun way to learn the lingo! Duolingo is a game-based, language-learning tool that offers a variety of languages to learn. It can be used for many ages, from preschoolers to elementary schoolers to teenagers in high school. Duolingo offers many languages, such as Spanish, French, Japanese and more. Let your child choose a language they’re excited to learn. They’ll find it even more fun that way.


3- CodeSpark

Do you have a maths whiz in the family? Are you interested in teaching your kids the ABCs of coding? Try CodeSpark, a program that helps children code in fun ways. It has many games and activities to teach the kids the fundamentals of the computer science and coding world.


4 - Epic!

Epic is a huge digital library with over 40,000 books, videos, audiobooks, and more. This is every little bookworm's dream virtual library! Epic provides many topics and languages that are excellent for multilingual families or anyone trying to learn a new language. Parents can also be involved in their kids' reading journey as they can access their accounts and see how they are progressing and share in their interests.


5 - Rocket Math

Kids can find maths hard because it builds upon itself every year, so it needs daily practice. Rocket Math is an app that helps students with maths facts, and it’s suitable for all school years. It's an easy-to-use app; kids can learn and have fun simultaneously with its interactive games.


Summer break is what all students look forward to after a long school year. So the key thing to always remember is balance. Give them the time to be kids and play with their friends, but also make sure that they’re still learning — but make it fun! Parents need to play their role in helping their kids balance playing and learning during this summer vacation, as time is precious.

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