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The Adventures of Bambino & Bambina


Follow the adventures of Bambino and his twin sister Bambina, as they move into a new town, Spring Falls. Watch Bambino & Bambina start a new school, make new friends, and explore their new town.

Bambino and Bambina are ready to learn, grow and have lots of fun doing so! And sometimes, in order to grow, they need to ruffle their feathers and learn to fly.


Face a Bully

EPISODE 19 • 26 January 2022

Bambina and Bambino face a bully in the best way possible. Learning that positivity is contagious ☀️ and will always lead to kindness ☺️. Even Duck was left speechless!

Help a Friend


EPISODE 18 • 20 January 2022

A friend will help you when you fall, a best friend will laugh so hard then help you back up! What kind of friend are you? Bambina is certainly the best friend in this scenario.


In The Matrix

EPISODE 17 • 21 December 2021

Looks like our two little owls are super excited for the 4th installment of The Matrix movies to premiere! They decided to have a little fun of their own. Would you take the blue gummy or the red gummy? Flip through the comic to see what each one represents!


Getting ready for school

EPISODE 16 • 15 December 2021

Tis the season to get cozy! Who’s that making their way down the hall? And those tiny wings reaching for the hot coco and pizza? Well, only one way to find out! Flip through the comic to see what the owlets are doing to get ready for winter 🌨❄️


Build a Snowman

EPISODE 15 • 07 December 2021

It's winter time ❄️ ! Bambina's favorite time of year to play outside. Does Bambino want to play too? Maybe she can convince him by reeling him in with his favorite this about winter ⛄️ Flip through the comic to see if Bambino joins Bambina in her winter adventure!


Star in the School Play

EPISODE 14 • 01 December 2021

Bambino's energy is so infectious! A personality fit for the stage! The twins are in the school play and Bambino has never been more excited! Flip through the comic to watch Bambino and Bambina in this year's winter school play. Places everyone!


Go to Parent's Night

EPISODE 13 • 24 November 2021

It's "Parents' Night" at Spring School, and it looks like our little twins are showing off their work from Art class. Flip through the comic to see how "Parents' Night" went! Which of our little twins has the makings of a mini Picasso?


Meet Their Neighbor (Part 2)

EPISODE 12 • 16 November 2021

Adults are having a delightful conversation, but what do the kids do when the grown-ups are talking? That's right, they play! Flip through the comic to get an inside look on Bambino's and Bambina's play date with Gus!


Meet Their Neighbor (Part 1)

EPISODE 11 • 10 November 2021

The twins have been so busy since school started, they haven't had a chance to meet their neighbors. But that's about to change! Bambino and Bambina meet the family next door, including the little boy that lives in the house right next to theirs. Take a look through the comic to find out how the twins met their neighbors.


Learn To Bake

EPISODE 10 • 03 November 2021

Learning to bake is always a fun activity, especially when you get so caught up and enjoy the moment. Bambina likes to play pretend and might have gone a little overboard with her imagination. But that's the fun of it. What is she making? Flip through the comic to find out!


Get Ready For Halloween

EPISODE 09 • 26 October 2021

Halloween is a time for tricks and lots of treats! Bambino and Bambina are picking out their Halloween costumes, but they're so excited that they can't decide! And Halloween is right around the corner! What do you think Bambino and Bambina should dress up as for Halloween? Flip through the comic take a look at their costume selections!


Join The Swim Team

EPISODE 08 • 20 October 2021

Look's like Bambino is letting fear get in the way of some fun with his new teammates. Like Bambino, we were all scared to swim for the first time. Sometimes all it takes is a little courage to take a leap of faith and jump in to the pool. Flip through the comic to see how Bambino's swim team tryouts went down.


Are Studying Online

EPISODE 07 • 05 September 2021

Online learning is here to stay. The twins have their first online class today. Bambino and Bambina are studying remotely today, but that can come with obstacles. Read through the comic to know how their first online class ended.


Play Video Games

EPISODE 06 • 06 October 2021

Are you an active person or a homebody like the twins? On a relaxing weekend, Bambino and Bambina turn to video games to have fun and unwind from a long week at school. Flip through the comic to find out what mama Owl thinks about it.


Do their homework

EPISODE 05 • 27 September 2021

Nothing gets in the way of Bambina's play time! Sure, having to do your homework can become a little boring, especially it's stopping you from playing outside with your friends. Bambina had an idea! Her mischievous side comes out. What happened when Bambina and her brother were doing their homework? Read through the comic to find out.


Take the bus

EPISODE 04 • 21 September 2021

The school bus should be here any minute! It's their first time riding the bus with their new friends. Our ever so cautious Bambino goes over the school bus safety rules with his twin sister while they wait. But things took an unexpected turn. Flip through the comic to find out.


Make new friends

EPISODE 03 • 15 September 2021

Making friends when you're the new kid in class can be harder than it looks. But that wasn't going to stop Bambino and Bambino from trying. The positive and friendly attitude the twins had, helped them make new friends in the school playground! Flip through the comic to see who Bambino and Bambina flocked towards. And you know what they say: friends who flock together stay together!


Go to School

EPISODE 02 • 12 September 2021

It's important for Bambino and Bambina to make a good positive first impression on their first day of school. The twins were very excited to meet their teacher and classmates. And it's safe to say that their first day was a hoot! Read on to get a glimpse of how their first day of school started out.


Get ready for school

EPISODE 01 • 05 September 2021

Spring Falls has welcomed in a new owl-fully cheerful family. Bambino and Bambina have moved into a new home with their parents. And you know what that means? New town, new home, new school and new adventures. Read on to see how Bambino and Bambina got ready for their first day of school.


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