Springring Updates winter

It's time for our quarterly Springring updates! What a crazy year 2022 has been at Springring! As we enter the new year with a refreshed mindset and our motivated hardworking Owls, we want to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year💙🥳!

A great year lies ahead and we can't wait to continue growing our Springring community and enhancing your Springring experience.

happy new year springring updates

We've wrapped up 2022 🎁 with some new additions, some needed enhancements, including recommendations made by our Springring Power Users and active members of our Springring community🤗.

But before we head into the new year, we asked some of our Owls to share their Springring highlights, favorite feature release, or all-around Springring milestone. Take a look back at the past year with our Springring Owls as they reminisce on their favorite Springring 2022 achievements 🦉💪.

Ahmad's All-time Favorite

Ahmad owl

"I love when a new school joins our Springring community. As a former ARKIS student, I was excited to have their Diyar school join as well."

Ahmad Abdulla, Sales & Customer Success Executive.

Sabreen's Choice

sabreen owl

"The Teacher Plan! I'm an advocate for teachers at the office, especially since my sister is one. Now she and other teachers get the chance to use it - for FREE!"

Sabreen Bucheeri, Chief Brand Officer.

Hadeel's Highlight Hands-down

Hadeel owl

"The Back-to-school webinar series. I got the chance to host a webinar for the first time, and directly connect with teachers and school leaders."

Hadeel Al Haddad, PR & Marketing Owl.

Coming Soon❗️

2023 is the year of growth at Springring 🌱 Get ready for new features, latest updates and major enhancements. We will be releasing Springring's highly anticipated Student Web Portal very soon🤗! We're also launching an all-new chat feature 📱- something you've all been waiting for 🤩! We're so excited and can't wait to share this with our Springring community. Stay tuned and stay connected 💙🦉