Our owls have been very busy since the new year, to bring you all a better and bigger Springring experience! Take a look at the Springring updates and features that we’ve rolled out since the new year...️

Up Close and Springring:

Chat Status

Chat Status on Springring

Admin can now view the chat status of teachers. They can view:

  • Which teachers have enabled the chat feature.
  • Which teachers have disabled the chat feature.
  • view teachers' current chat office hours timings.

This increases efficiency as it reduces the back-and-forth between admin and teachers and keeps everyone in the loop!

Calendar Subscription

Calendar Subscription on Springring

It’s time to sync up all your events and holidays into one cohesive calendar! Admin can now add any external calendar they are subscribed to into their Springring calendar by inserting a calendar subscription.

This can be done in 3 simple steps:

  • Click on Calendar Subscription
  • Enter the details: name of your new calendar, the URL link of your new calendar, and select the group that can view events on this calendar subscription.
  • Click Subscribe and you’re good to go!

Calendar Subscription on Springring

Find out more about the calendar subscription here.

Introducing Events Reminder

Never miss a beat! Parents can now stay up to date on all upcoming events with the new event reminder! The event reminder is an added enhancement to the Calendar feature, which is now available to all parents through the Parent Mobile App!

This can be done in 3 simple steps:

  • Go to the navigation menu on your Parent mobile app and click on Settings.
  • Click on Notifications and enable the event reminder option. (Note: this option is disabled by default, so make sure to enable it to receive your reminders!)
  • Choose the time you would like to receive the reminder and you're good to go!

Event Reminder on Springring App

Coming Soon: The Parent Web Portal

We're excited to soon be launching the Parent Web Portal! Seamless communication between Teachers and Parents will be expanded to more than just your mobile devices. The Parent Portal will be available to all Springring parents!

Stay tuned for more

We have a lot more features and releases coming your way in the new year! Just a hint - bigger and better things are in store like a web portal feature for parents and students, alongside major enhancements on our entire platform!

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