And we’ve made it! Spring is here and we've made our mark. Springring on its first release. We’re officially live and our platform and parent mobile app are ready, just in time for Spring! School Admin and Teachers have access to a web portal. While Parents get a mobile application.

What's new?

Just a quick run through of the features...

As an Admin, you have access to the Admin portal where you can create the school's structure, add users, assign roles, create Groups and manage your school. Our import feature allows you to download a template file, fill it up, and re-upload it. It’s fast, easy, and imports a bulk of information. Springring then takes care of the rest and creates the entire school.

Our mission is to make your life as a Teacher, easier. From here you can create posts and events for your Students and their Parents to see. You can even chat directly with any of your student's Parents. To keep everything professional, you can set Office Hours to avoid any messages when you’re in class. Your Classes have already been set up by the Admin! All you have to do is login and start posting!

'Our mission is to make your life as a teacher, easier'

For setting up Springring, Parents have it easier than Teachers! Upon receiving an invite from the school, parents just have to create a password. Their kids, their kid’s classes, their kid’s teachers are already there. Parents get to view all school and class updates. Join any school and class events. And as a bonus, get to chat with teachers.

Parents are an essential part of any school community, and their involvement is key to effective school communication. We believe that better communication leads to better education. To see a full list of our features head on over to our website.