At Springring, we bring together school admin, teachers, parents, and students. One unified platform, one tool, one hub. We believe that with better communication leads to better education. Springring's main form of communication is its posts.

Posts are what will appear to Teachers, Parents, and Students, and how information is shared on School Boards and Classes. These are shown as separate cards containing all the updates that you would like to share. There are four main types of posts:

What's New


These are posts with photos, videos, or a file to download. These posts are most commonly used for daily updates. Many teachers find it easy to share class homework or quick reminders through posts in their classes.


Events on Springring App

Posts that have a specific date and time that you would like to invite Parents to. Or an event to keep your Students excited about. This type of post will appear on the Calendar and you can use it for activities such as a Science Fair, Yellow Day, or even a School Play.


Links on Springring Website

This post type is an easy way to share news articles, websites, or Youtube videos. The post will embed the link directly and can be viewed directly from Springring.


Springring Authorization

A post that requires the approval of the Students' Parents. You can use this type of post to gather permission for events, field trips, and other activities.

We are always building and adding more features. Our upcoming post types include booking appointments and forms. But if you want to use the current features you can always try Springring.

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