Springring Summer is finally here 😎! The birds are chirping 🕊, the sun is shining ☀️, and the Springring Owls are soaring high with new launches 🦉😍. Check out the latest features that we released this quarter at Springring 🤩

Here's the scoop!

It's a double launch at Springring! We released two big features this season that we created because of all the great suggestions and recommendations from our Springring community. We are always looking to improve your Springring experience.

Springring Analytics 🏫

The Springring Analytics is available now to all Springring school leaders and administrators. Many members of our Springring community have expressed their interest in making sure their school and class communication is indeed reaching families 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦.

We've launched one of our most anticipated features yet, and it includes some of your most requested features, like tracking the statuses of all members of the school community. 

Posts Read/Unread 🍎

Your voices will be heard, and your messages will be read ✔︎ with the post-readability status!

We're all about making communication easier and faster, especially when it comes to teacher-parent communication. With this all new Springring feature, all teachers can make sure that their posts are being read by parents and students. 

Free Features on Springring

Are parents reading my posts? 👀

Teachers and school leaders can track how many parents or students have read their posts - whether it's announcements on school boards or updates in classes.

Student Diary on Springring

Am I engaging with all parents? 👩‍👧‍👦

Find out which parents or students have read your post and which haven't. This can help you manage you class communication so much easier!

Coming Soon❗️

Don't go anywhere! We've started with a Springring Summer but we have many more features and releases up our sleeves. Like Springring's new and improved chat! We're so excited and can't wait to share this — and much more — with our Springring community. 

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