The sun is shining, and the school halls are empty, meaning only thing: Summer has begun! With students gladly repurposing textbooks as makeshift tables. Teachers sighing in relief for not having to go through another bake sale. We owls took advantage of the long days for some peaceful sleep (we are nocturnal after all). Even with all the ‘fun in the sun’ events going on, we did take the time to introduce one crucial feature to Springring this summer.

What's new?

Springring School Contacts

This summer’s features update puts the spotlight on parents. School Contacts are the representatives or points of contact that the school admin has set for the public. The public includes parents, students, teachers as well as other administrative staff.

With the new School Contacts feature, parents will have a direct access to key admin members within the school. The list features a direct button to either call or message each contact. For more details on how it works, you can see it here.

With School Contacts, parents will no longer have to go around in circles looking for ways to contact specific school administrators or teachers. Springring promotes transparency and accessibility to all their users, including parents.

We believe that better communication leads to better education. Visit our website for a full list of our features.