You asked, and we delivered! The Parent Web Portal is finally here! Parents can make use of the same features found on the parent’s app, but now have the option to access Springring through the web portal for an enhanced and seamless user experience.

Parents can be in the loop with their child’s academic progress, performance and achievements, thanks to the countless features provided by Springring. Here are some of the main features of the Parent Web Portal that will help improve communication between you and your child’s school.

What's new?

Classes and Boards

Being up to date with your child’s school activities and important moments during school hours is one of the main reasons Springring exists! The Parent Portal has both class board and school boards.

Teachers can post new updates and information for the parents to see in a class. Parents will get notified when a teacher creates a post. These posts can be photos, videos, documents or links. After clicking on your child’s photo, you will be able to view all classes your child is currently in with the names of their teachers. No more having to wait for parent-teacher meetings to get updates on your child’s progress! Click here for the step-by-step guide to classes.

When it comes to the school boards, the school’s admin sets it up for the teachers to send out general information to either the public board or whole school board. Posts here are usually announcements or updates, mainly directed towards parents. Click here for the complete guide to school boards.

Direct Posts

Direct Posts on Springring

Teachers can send specific posts that are directly meant for parents only. They can use direct posts when communicating something personal about a student to his parents without the need for the whole class to see the post.

In cases like teachers needing to inform parents on their child’s poor performance, a direct post in the form of choosing an appointment slot should be their go to. Another instance that a direct post would be very useful is if your child has not attended a class. The teacher can send you, as a parent of this student, a direct post to inform you that your child has not attended. Keeping parents informed and updated on a daily basis helps bridge the gap between school and home, and that’s what Springring is all about!

Click here for the complete guide.

Chat with Teachers

Chat with Teachers on Springring

Getting in touch with a teacher is made very simple and easy through our chat feature! If the teacher has the chat feature enabled, parents can directly communicate with teachers to clarify class assignments or get updates on their child’s performance in class. No more having to climb the hierarchy of school administrators and staff to get in touch with your child’s class teacher. You can directly start a chat with your child’s teacher to know more about their progress or voice any concerns you may have.

The best thing about the Springring chat feature is that both parents will always be present in the chatroom. This way one parent doesn’t have to fill the other in on what their child’s teacher said. Both are informed at the same time, which can prove to be very helpful in home setting with two working parents. With Springring, seamless efficiency is key to parent communication.

Click here to learn how to chat with teachers through the parent web portal.

Students Profile

Parents can access their child’s information by going to the student profile page. It includes students’ personal details from their names to the classes they are enrolled in. It keeps the parent updated with more detailed information about their child's education.

When it comes to having two of your children enrolled at two different schools. If these schools have integrated Springring as their school communication platform, you can easily switch from one child’s profile to the other without having to log out and sign in again. The main purpose of this feature is to ensure Springring users enjoy seamless and smooth communication with perfect ease and utmost convenience.

Click here to find out where to view your child's profile.

School Calendar

The school calendar is important for parents to keep track of their child’s schedule in terms of class events set by teachers. Parents can view upcoming field trips, holidays, exam periods or any kind of important event dates set by teachers and administrators. This makes parents’ life much easier which is one of the main reasons Springring exists!

Click here to get the complete guide.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications on Springring

You won't miss another school update. With the new Springring email notifications feature, parents will receive an email when teachers share a new post or sends a chat message.

If you want to change these settings, just head on over to your Profile & Settings. Or click here to see a complete guide.

Through the Parent Web Portal, we are giving parents the option of using the app or the web portal by accessing it through web browsers. The best part about it is that communication is as seamless and smooth as ever. So parents, don’t worry. You won’t miss out on any features if you decide to access Springring through the web portal or the mobile app.

We care about the entire school community - including parents! The involvement of parents in their child’s education and school environment can have a big impact on the child’s personal development and academic progress. Connecting parents and teachers can be a way that schools can integrate parents as a strong and active part of the school community. This is beneficial to achieving strong and effective school communication. Because in the end, better communication leads to better education.