springring admin dashboard

You Asked for it. We built it!

Presenting the Springring Admin Dashboard! We love hearing from you about features that would help you and your school community. Many members of our Springring community have expressed their interest in making sure their school communication is in fact reaching families. All aboard the Springring express to Analytics Avenue! Hoot-hoot!

The Springring Admin Dashboard is finally live and available for all Springring admin users! We've launched one of our most anticipated features yet, and it includes some of your most requested features...

parent teacher communication

Status Update!

Is everyone here? Track the status of all members of your school community. Monitor how many school leaders, teachers, students or parents have accepted their invitations. You can also track how many of them are actively communicating and how many have not been using Springring to enhance their school or class communication.

springring teachers status

Parent-Teacher Partnerships

Are you engaging with parents? School leaders and admin can now have a bird's eye view on teacher-parent communication, their interactions and engagement rate. You can keep track of the number of chat messages and how often they are sent back and forth. You can monitor the number of student diary entries as well as the student diary comments between parents and teachers.

post types

Springring Post Types

What's the best way to communicate? There are multiple post types and ways you can send updates or messages to students and parents. School admin and school leaders can now determine which type of posts generate the most engagement amongst teachers, students and parents. Whether it is a reminder in a short-but-sweet text post, an image (or multiple!) post

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We encourage feedback!

The Springring Admin Dashboard is currently in its beta stage, so if you're a current Springring admin in our community, we would love to get your feedback on your unique Springring experience.