The life of a teacher is a lot easier when fast, easy and seamless communication comes into the mix. Finding the right class communication app can be difficult. It needs to help teachers simplify communication with students and parents. The right tool should be easy to use, upload and share worksheets, homework and class material on. It ultimately needs to make a teacher's job easier — much easier! Enter the Springring Teacher Plan ...

Springring Teacher Plan

Meet the newest addition to the Springring line — the FREE Teacher Plan! Class communication has never been easier. The Teacher Plan is a free trial version of the Springring Teacher Web Portal and Springring Teacher Mobile App. However, make sure to sign up through the Web Portal. Once you've signed up through the Web Portal, you've unlocked your teacher access to the Teacher Mobile App.

Free Features Forever:

All your favorite teacher features are available on the Teacher Plan! It's a whole new Springring experience for teachers, while maintaining the same smooth and familiar features. We're guiding you every step of the way and, guess what? It takes only 5 minutes to get started.

Free Features on Springring

Saving time with Post Merge:

With Post Merge, you can send out customized posts to specific parents or students. Going the extra mile by adding a personal touch can make a big difference.

The Student Diary is here to stay:

Whether it's during "Parents Night" or sharing class memories in the moment. It's a quick and easy way to document your student's progress and share it with their parents instantaneously.

Student Diary on Springring

Real-time reactions on Student Diary entries:

Yes, the comment section in Student Diary posts are also available in the FREE Teacher Plan! Build lasting partnerships between teachers and parents through effective two-way communication. Parents and teachers can comment back and forth to strengthen their cooperation and teamwork.

The Springring Chat:

Popular among all the teachers in our Springring community, the Springring Chat is inclusive in the FREE Teacher Plan. Connect and communicate instantly and consistently with parents. Share glimpses of class moments with parents, reach out to them wherever they are and keep both parents informed at all times.

Springring Chat

Protecting your privacy:

The perfect work-life balance is out there. Treasure your "Me Time", your free time, and make time for the hobbies you're passionate about. You can set your office hours in the Teacher Plan and chat with parents on your own terms.

Parent and Teacher Communication on Springring

The best thing about the free Teacher Plan is that any teacher can get started within minutes — without needing your school leaders and administrators to implement Springring school-wide. Take control of your classroom communication. Gain flexibility in communicating your lessons to your students, and providing parents with instant updates on their child's progress in class.

At Springring, we know your journey as a teacher. Don't let communication fall through the cracks. With the Teacher Plan, you can connect with students and parents instantly, anytime and anywhere. The Teacher Plan will take your classroom communication to the next level!