Ahhh…. Let the ‘sweater weather’ season commence! With winter upon us and schools working hard to bring the semester to an end, we like to also take the time to look back and see how far Springring has come from its initial release. The Parliament voted to end the year with a bang by introducing a NEW WEBSITE and set of new features to coincide with the new year.

'A new website and a set of features to coincide with the new year'

The Teacher App

As a little gift this winter from us to all the hardworking Teachers, we released the Springring Teachers App! Teachers will now be able to create posts, send reminders and attachments, and chat with admin and parents, all through the app on their phone. The app is available on both iOS and Android and can be logged in with their existing account.

Posting to Multiple Boards

Posting to Multiple Boards on Springring

Springring Teachers no longer have to recreate posts. No more copying, pasting, and re-uploading media. One post can be shared to multiple boards at the same time. A super easy, fast, and efficient way to communicate. Just think of all the time you'll be saving and endless opportunities of sharing.

The Student Profile Page

We haven’t forgotten about the Parents. With the latest update to the app, Parents can access their student’s profiles and view all information related to them. From the groups they are part of, their teachers, and even uploading their profile pictures. For a bit more info on how to access student profiles, you can give it a closer look here.

The Unread Board

Lastly, we’re introducing a new feature to Parents: The Unread Board. Parents will be able to view all posts from School Boards and Classes that are yet to be read. This  makes it easy to stay up to date with all that happens in their children’s worlds - without having to give your thumbs a workout while scrolling.